Rigmasters RM-150-H2 Top Drive articulates to 90 degrees to enable threading at waist height straight off the pipe launcher or
power catwalk. The traveling block is integral with the top drive tracking trucks and main frame. This enables one of the shortest
Top Drive assemblies in the industry. The patented (radius runner) tracking wheel design is uniquely engineered to enable running
on derrick front leg tracks. It eliminates torque drag and jerky up and down movement of the top drive. Being almost friction free
and stable at 4 points eliminates an angular quill caused by offset mud and hydraulic hose umbilical. Power to Rigmaster Top Drive
is accomplished by a hydraulic Hagglunds motor with a uniquely designed manifold system that provides more oil to motor ports
than required and a shock absorption system which takes care of destructive cavitational spikes. A new design to the oil industry
is the clamp assembly, which can handle full motor torque for making up or breaking out at waist height. The clamp can also be
used as an elevator for tripping of pipe. This enables less threading in and out of tubulars, to limit thread wear and speed up
process. The Top Drive has two 150 ton critical load paths, one through the quill and one through the clamp assembly.

Maximum Ratings (Approx.)

  Max Capacity (tons):   150   Max M/B Torque (ft*lbs):   30,000  
  Max Drill/Torque (ft*lbs):   30,000   Max Speed (rpm):   185  
  Max Tilt:   90 (+)   Max Reverse Tilt:   5 (-)  
  Integral Traveling Block set up for:   4, 6, & 8 Lines