Product Design


At Rigmaster Machinery, design is a combination of traditional, proven manufacturing philosophies and imagination. The highly effective Rigmaster design team draws from over thirty years of

experience and ingenuity in heavy machinery development.  Using one of the most advanced solid modeling software packages available, they design new prototypes, modify existing designs

and prepare custom layouts accurately and quickly.  With this system, they are able to visualize any component or subassembly of a rig from any angle, in colour, without fabricating a single part.

Detail can range from the interference of a bearing in a gear box housing, to the layout of an entire rig, complete with animation.  This 3D modeling is accomplished using the Autodesk Inventor

software package.

Though this site contains information on Rigmaster Machinery Ltd's. existing product line, new ideas are constantly being developed and produced as a result of cooperation between customer

and manufacturer.

Quality Control:

  • Welding at Rigmaster Machinery is performed in accordance with Canadian Welding Bureau Standards and Practices (CWB). Third Party welding companies involved are (CWB) certified.

  • Machined and fabricated rotating equipment is prepared by ISO-certified parties.

  • Metallurgical quality control and control of material certificates is done in-house.