Spring Applied / Hydraulically Released

Canadian Patent Number 2778740
US Patent Number Pending

Rigmasters Hydraulic Brake Actuators are designed to work with twin self energizing brake bands.
They can be joystick operated, and are infinitely controllable. This braking system is ideal for converting DC Drawworks to AC Drawworks.



Cradle alignment and hold down devices enable ease of alignment and

re-alignment of brake to drum shaft when necessary.

No shimming or back-up wrenches required.

Cradles are available for water cooled disc brakes ranging from 18" to 48".

Large maintenance free elastromeric couplings eliminate the need for troublesome splined disconnect clutches used on auxiliary braking devices.

Brake not only retards descending load, but also stops it dead; providing the operator with total backup to the drum brakes.

Heavy duty shaft assembly contains spherical bearings for both ends, providing solid support for the Eaton gear and rotating disc assembly.

When utilizing water cooled disc brakes in conjunction with brake bands, the life span of the band brakes has in some cases, been extended to four years and greater between change intervals.




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