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The RMP-6-PLEX Mud Pump is designed for Drilling Rigs.

Drilling, Well Servicing, and Well Stimulation Technology have been applied to the design to address ever-changing volume, pressure and trucking needs of the industry. The pump can be purchased with Plungers and Packings or Pistons and Liners. It can be powered by 1000 to 2500 HP Motors. It has a unique smooth sound and delivers twice the flow and power of a tri-plex. The pump comes with all manifolds completed, no welding required.

The RMP-6-PLEX Mud Pump is available in Top-Mounted, In-Line, or 'T' Gear Drive Configuration.

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Rigmaster's Drilling Pump is unlike any other mud pump currently on the market. It's unparalleled footprint and weight to power ratio allow Rigmaster to fit this pump in any drilling or trailer set up, maximizing pressures and volumes while reducing environmental impact.


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1,500 HP

2,000 HP

3,000 HP

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